Why Buy When You Can Rent At La Paloma Apartments in Albuquerque

Why Buy When You Can Rent shutterstock_209697955

So you’re moving to or already live in Albuquerque, NM and looking for the perfect apartment home?   While the “American Dream” has been a long standing wish for most people, times have changed and apartment living is where it’s at!    So before you make that 30-year commitment, keep the following in mind:

Upfront Costsshutterstock_188377784

Sure, whether you choose to rent an apartment in or buy a house, there are upfront costs to consider.   When renting, you have to come up with a deposit, and potentially first or last month’s rent; however this is far less than the typically 15-20% that home ownership requires.    Take for instance a $200,000 house purchase – that’s an average of $35,000 out of your pocket vs. $200 – $2,000 for an apartment!    And yes, we understand that a house is an investment; however depending on the housing market, it’s an investment that takes 10-30 years to recover.   Did you know that your rate of return could be much higher and quicker when invested properly in money markets, stocks/bonds, etc?    Plus, your monthly cost is typically lower in an apartment than a house; saving you money there as well.

Repairs/Upkeep – Not Your Problemshutterstock_149002283

One of the greatest things about living in an apartment is that you don’t have to worry about the upkeep!  Your weekends are yours to do whatever you wish.  There’s no worry about mowing the lawn (if you’re even allowed to have one!) or pulling weeds in the hot sun!  You have professional maintenance team/landscapers that do this for you.   When something goes wrong in your apartment, all you have to do is call the office to request that it gets fixed.  No more searching through Google or Bing, or having to sign up and pay for memberships to local contractors that you know nothing about.  Just one phone call and you’re taken care of.   The greatest thing about this?   You also don’t have to re-budget your entire life because all of a sudden you have to pay thousands of dollars for a new air conditioner!   Your apartment community not only fixes things for you, they pay for it!  Guess what else?  You don’t have to take off work, or wait all day on a Saturday for the plumber to show up.   You get to go enjoy your day while your apartment maintenance team takes care of the issue.

Remarkable Amenitiesshutterstock_109082192

So you’re still not convinced?   You want a house with a pool in the backyard?   Just imagine what it costs to keep that clean and to fill it with water.   Have you ever got prices on resurfacing the deck or the pool interior?   Do you have any idea how much a new pump or heater costs?   Ouch!    With apartment living, you don’t have to think about these things.  What a relief!   You get to go out and lounge by a gorgeous pool, soak up some sun, and think about the important things; like all the money you’re saving on not having a gym membership because you get to work out in the fitness facility that’s literally right outside your apartment home!  Or maybe sand volleyball is more to your liking… whatever it may be; you’re much more likely to find it when renting an apartment!



If you’re still considering the benefits of renting,  not only do you need to keep all of the above in mind, but also think about how easy it is to move or relocate.  The job market these days is constantly changing and even though you don’t plan on it, you may have to move out of Albuquerque, NM to keep your current employment.   When renting, you generally make a 7 – 12 month commitment vs 30 years and it’s much faster and easier (although costs are involved) to break a lease than sell a house.   All in all, renting is the way to go!  You could have more money to take that fantastic vacation that you’ve always wanted, no stress about having to fix things or maintain them, and fun things to do right outside your door!   How could you still be deciding?!    Go find your perfect apartment home in Albuquerque, NM and enjoy life a little more!